1 April, 2015

News: Who’s the Best Wedding Planner ever?

Who’s the Best Wedding Planner ever? here below some suggestions to choose the right person who will guide you ’till “That Day”… 1. Your Wedding Planner must be PROFESSIONAL and an actual Wedding Planner, not just an event planner. A Professional Wedding Planner will help […]
10 May, 2015

Destination Wedding: MARRY ME IN THAILAND? Traditional Thai Buddhist Wedding

MARRY ME IN THAILAND? Thai Weddings are full of symbolism and Buddhist Tradition, and in recent years a number of western customs have even found their way into the Thai version of this happy occasion. Considered to be one of the most open and warm […]
11 May, 2015

Trend Research: LOTUS FLOWER in Wedding Decorations

Well-known subject of several paintings. Over-used object of many ladies’ tattoo. But still not so much used for Wedding Decoration. Lotus Flower. Pureness, Natural Beauty and Spiritual Harmony Symbol.   Lotus is an aquatic perennial plant, originally from Tropical South East, rising and blooming above the […]
13 May, 2015

News: Why Choose a Destination Wedding?

Chose Wedding Boutique Phuket, professional Thailand Destination Wedding Planner. Why Choose a “Destination Wedding”? Destination weddings are amazing because they are unique and much more rare than traditional weddings. Destination weddings are becoming the new trend among couples today. This ‘intimate’ kind of wedding appeals to […]
2 June, 2015

News: What’s a Vow Renewal Ceremony? When & Where?

…OoopssS… I DID IT AGAIN! Beach Anniversary in Phuket. What’s that? A vow renewal is simply a way to celebrate a marriage during your official anniversary or not. Perhaps you’ve made it to 10, 25 or 50 years together and you want the world to know […]
9 June, 2015

News: WEDDING BOUTIQUE – Phuket Wedding Planner fashion show.

Hello Phuket Nightlife fans! We are more than glad to be Partners and Sponsor of the upcoming Phuket Nightlife Event @ Higher Rooftop, Seduction Club, Patong, that will be one of the most fashionable Phuket Events. The island cool magazine: RL – Real Life Phuket will promote […]
18 June, 2015

Destination Wedding: Traditional THAI SILK Wedding Dress

MARRY ME IN THAILAND? Thai Weddings are full of symbolism and Buddhist Tradition, and in recent years a number of western customs have even found their way into the Thai version of this happy occasion. In Phuket is possible to rent your TRADITIONAL THAI SILK Dress, as well […]
9 July, 2015

News: ONE LOVE – Gay Wedding in Thailand

ONE LOVE What is in common between these two Brides? That they are attending to the Same Intimate Wedding. “One Love” is the GAY WEDDING project by Wedding Boutique Phuket.   Thailand is an amazing, enchanting, open mind destination to get married for Same-Sex couples […]
14 July, 2015

News: Perfect Beach Wedding Ceremony Step-by-Step

The Perfect Beach Wedding Ceremony   A quick and clear explanation of a Beach Wedding Ceremony STEP-by-STEP. The Procession This is the part where everyone walks down the aisle and takes their places for the ceremony. You each make your way to the altar separately, symbolizing […]
22 July, 2015

Wedding Trends: Phuket Beach PicNic: Celebrate your Love in Thailand!

BEACH PICNIC @ PHUKET A Very Romantic idea to celebrate your Love in Thailand… Our Phuket Wedding Planner will suggest you the most stunning beaches around Phuket Island, and create for you a very unique Inspiration Theme for your Intimate Event: a Beach PicNic! Wedding Boutique […]

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