wedding planner say "i do" too, and you know it's going to be amazing!

Ilaire and David, the Italian couple founders of Wedding Boutique Phuket, decided get married during this challenging time – on year 2021 – to launch a new trend for post-pandemic destination weddings.
During the last months, without destination weddings happening in Phuket, Ilaire finally found the time to organize her own wedding, and, in a very un-conventional way, to encourage all the couples not to give up on their Best Day Ever in Thailand. It’s just matter of time and we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Wedding planners usually spend quite a lot of time researching new trends, in terms of color palettes, design elements, details to bring out couples uniqueness and tell their love story, but this year their research went far beyond the aesthetic of a wedding, pointing the light on the emotional experience of a “new beginning” for all the couples getting married after pandemic. Weddings in 2021/22 will for sure look different.
With their own wedding photo-shooting, WBP showcased innovative technologies for a hybrid wedding. A new format of events to be hosted for an intimate number of people and to be live-streamed with all the beloved persons living far away. They created new style trends of color palette and textures, presenting the strong contrast between black and white and night and day as a part of our lives. Mixing natural and eco-sustainable elements with metallic accents, as the inevitable agreement to be found between mother nature and human progress. Emphasizing the resilient intention and deep meaning of a wedding celebrated, no matter what, during such a tough moment.

“In good and in bad times… Under the moon and stars. As day turns into night and night turns into day.”


Go big or go home, obviously not in size but in style. Allow your micro-wedding to have unique exclusive items, epic photos and stunning aerial videos like a style editorial.
As a perfectionist, Ilaire wanted Wedding Boutique Phuket best partners for her wedding day at Rosewood Phuket.
Have a look at the full gallery of this  amazing wedding project captured by Darinimages Phothography, and Tichakorn Cinematography.

Micro, Minimal, Meaningful, Intimate, Intentional, Innovative

Trends are born out of necessity, and a new generation of traditions for wedding celebrations  are emerging from the ashes of these tough times. Wedding Boutique Phuket styles them as “MMMIII” for: Micro, Minimal, Meaningful, Intimate, Intentional, Innovative.
After several years of luxury abundance, in the last 2 years the concept of minimalism has officially hit the wedding style scene, and became even more meaningful in this very tough historical moment. The “less-is-more” trend has grown as a statement with a simplicity that elevates your wedding. There has always been an elegance to simplicity and there are many gorgeous wedding details that are both stunning and modern yet essential.
For a truly minimal backdrop, a “blank canvas” wedding venue is the way to go, an outdoor beautiful space doesn’t require so much of decors as it contains already all its beauty. Clean and contemporary wedding invitations with simple lines and precious materials are the best choice. Clear the visual clutter sticking with solid colors and neutral muted motifs, choosing modern chairs and linear decors.
And when it comes to the couple’s outfit… Well, minimal like never before. From pieces that can be worn in multiple ways to dresses that can be adapted to a different look. Adaptability is the name of the game in fashion right now, and here we go.

As seen on THE KNOT magazine!