News: Love isn’t cancelled! Wedding Planning Postponing during Covid19.

Love isn’t cancelled…

Your Wedding is just postponed!


COVID-19 may have canceled your original date but your Wedding is going to happen and it will be just amazing!


A special applause to our 2020 Couples, cause we know that hasn’t been easy. We’ve been so impressed by your resilience, positivity, and adaptability, and you deserve your Best Day Ever to happen as a Fairy Tale!

If you’re feeling a bit down by Wedding Planning during COVID-19, you’re not alone. This global pandemic is affecting all of us, from Couples to Professionals, who is planning Destination Weddings in year 2020/2021 is facing a totally unprecedented challenge.

Planning a Destination Wedding is stressful enough without a global pandemic changing your plans. Feeling disappointed or frustrated by the lack of control you have in the situation is absolutely normal. 

Wedding Boutique Phuket, Phuket Wedding Planner professional agency is working hard to support all the Couples and trying to keep the stress out as much as possible. Unfortunately we don’t have a Magic Wand to transport all your guests safely to Phuket for your Wedding Ceremony but we can certainly help you out with some tips in this hard time.

  • Take a deep breath and don’t panic. Love isn’t cancelled and your Wedding celebration is just postponed. Nothing is gonna change, except for the date.


  • We are certainly Wedding Experts but definitely not Medical professionals. So we recommend you to check the important and reliable news about the Coronavirus situation only by official channel and definitely not on socials. Panic is spreading much faster than the Virus.


  • Don’t ask yourself “why me? Why my Wedding?” You are not alone in this global crisis. It just happened and it shall pass. Try to look at this Covid19 contingency as an opportunity instead of a drama. Take this opportunity to prioritize things that mean the most to you. And if you need some time to process, that’s absolutely fine.


  • Be ready for a new BEGINNING! As soon as you calm down, start your new Wedding Planning with us. Pick a new Wedding date and we will help you to make your Dream Come True in Thailand.


  • Send out your Change the Date Card. Contact your guests to let them know of the new plan and the new date! Here you will find just some cute ideas of Wedding Postponing Cards created for Couples affected by the Covid19 pandemic.

A big applause to our Brides & Grooms that made it happen during the pandemic: Suki & Sing, Ana & Ike, Zarja & Matic, Wing & Yi, Chiara & Stephen, Linda & Simon.

A big hug to all our Couples that had to postpone the Wedding with us: Jess & Timothy, Michelle & Ian, Chase & Allen, Giorgio & Tuya, Muna & KC, Cassandra & Shane.


Are you satisfied whit our tips? Wish to know more of Destination Wedding Postponing?

Contact Us to get your Professional Wedding Consultancy and our Tailor-Made Services!

for your Memorable Destination Wedding in Thailand by Wedding Boutique, Wedding Planner Phuket.


(Images source: Pinterest, Minted, Junebug)

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