Wedding Boutique is a Destination Weddings  Agency in Thailand.

Destination Weddings are the last trend of Weddings Abroad today. This ‘intimate’ kind of wedding appeals to those that want to run away and elope in the most secret and romantic way, or those who want to get married abroad sharing this exclusive experience only with family and best friends. Exotic and mystique, Thailand offers an atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the world. Having your Phuket Beach Wedding here is sure to be a unique experience that you and your guests will never forget. Phuket, as a base of the Andaman Coast, with its white sand beaches, is home to some of Asia’s most popular and luxurious Private Villas and 5* Resorts as well as other amazing Venues. 

Try this unique experience… you’ll never forget: Destination Weddings in Phuket Thailand are suitable both to elope wit a budget Wedding or to get married with the most Luxury Wedding!


Choose from expertly crafted wedding packages providing you all the essentials for your perfect event – plus special touches that will wow!


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Important related activities for the Couple, like: Honeymoon, Engagement, Anniversary, Birthday Party, Dress Design, Baby shower…etc.



  • Trend review.
  • Themes & Inspiration Images selection.
  • Personal digital board with Wedding Theme.
  • Budget management.
  • Venue research & rental.
  • Western & Traditional Thai rituals.
  • Professional vendors and coworkers selection.
  • Ceremony set-up, decoration and following-up.
  • Guests Reception Dinner management.
  • Event Performance & Entertainment.
  • Transportation arrangement.
  • Engagement and Pre-Wedding organization.
  • Wedding Dress design or rental.
  • Honeymoon Packages.
  • Private Tours organization.
  • Accommodation coordination.
  • Family and Guests activities management.
  • Legal Marriage procedure.
  • Cakery & Patisserie.
  • Extra day Photography or Videography.

A Western classic Ceremony with English speaking Master (other languages available). Including Blessing, Ring exchange and Union Rituals like flower bonding, sand blending, tree planting, etc…

A mix Western-Thai style Wedding Ceremony includes the Ceremony Master for the international celebration and a Monk Blessing ceremony with Water-Pouring ritual and other Thai symbols like dancers, baby elephant etc…

Traditionally Thai Buddhist Weddings in Thailand take place in the early morning and combine a variety of colorful traditions and religious beliefs and blessings. 3/5 (or more) monks are invited to chant prayers of health, prosperity and happiness while seated on a platform in the oldest temple on Phuket, the Bride and Groom kneel facing the chanting monks with their hands in the “wai” position. Many Couples wish to continue their ceremony with a traditional Water Blessing which we can perform on a nearby beach or venue of their choice.

Traditional Catholic or Protestant Church (we have several locations in Phuket) with Priest religious ceremony. A letter of permission from your parish priest to the parish priest here in Phuket will be required, in order to get married this is usual procedure here in Thailand.

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