News: Destination Wedding Planning Tips – Interview with our Best Phuket Wedding Planner


Interview with our Best Phuket Wedding Planner,

by Wedding Boutique Phuket

Planning the perfect DESTINATION WEDDING abroad it’s not easy, and there are tons of questions and Wedding Planning FAQ that make Wedding Couples struggling even before starting the process.

Here below there is a complete interview to Ilaire, our Best Phuket Wedding Planner,  of Wedding Boutique Phuket, Wedding Planning agency based in Thailand.

Her Destination Wedding Planning Tips will be available soon on WEDDING WANDERLUSTERS Youtube Channel with a live interview and Wedding Backstage videos!


  • Where is Phuket located and what is it famous for?

Phuket is well known as “the pearl of the Andaman”, it’s a quite big island located in Thailand on the Andaman sea. It’s very famous for Destination Weddings, and its popularity is increasing year by year by word of mouth. Here you will find the natural beauty of a tropical island, sandy pure shores and crystal water, combined with the mystic spirituality of Buddhist Culture.
People are always nice here – in fact Thailand is also called “The Land of Smile” – almost everybody loves yummy Thai food, nature is lush and enchanting… and what else you need?

  • What types of Wedding Venues can you expect?

We have actually plenty of different kind of Destination Wedding Venues, mostly for Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies, as you can imagine :)
From the casual barefoot Ceremony on the beach, perfect for an Exotic Elopement, to several amazing Luxury Villas. In between there are hundreds of beautiful Resorts with high quality services and facilities. Any of these could be “The Perfect Wedding Venue”, it really depends on the couple expectations and envision of their Wedding Day.
Some people dream of a clifftop breathtaking view, some other couples prefer to have the tropical feeling of sandy toes surrounded by palms, while somebody prefers the romance of a secluded garden. Who prefers the intimacy and privacy of renting a Private Villa and having a pool party until late night, against who prefers to enjoy Hotels facilities and ensure a perfect stay for every Guest with family and kids.
After over 6 years in Phuket, and around 200 Weddings done… we have experienced Wedding organization almost everywhere on the island and it’s never the same! ( ahaha yes, I know, that’s an exciting job )

  • What can you expect as far as pricing for Wedding Venues (do people come because it’s affordable, or do they come for the Luxury?)

Well, the truth is in the middle I guess :)

On the past decade Thailand was very popular for its affordable prices (for hotels, food, entertainment etc…) but we can easily say it’s no longer “so cheap” as people think. Especially Phuket island that became a Luxury Destination for Holiday as well as for Weddings, so the trend has slightly changed.
You can definitely still find both options here. If a Couple wants to have a beautiful Destination Tropical Wedding, they can keep it simple and casual with a Beach Wedding Ceremony. If they dream of a Luxury Venue, we have plenty of 5 and 6 stars Hotels and Private Villas.
In any case prices are still much cheaper than many other Wedding Destinations such as USA, Europe, Australia.
Wedding Venue Fees start from around 50K up to 100K THB/day, Reception Dinner with food and drinks is average 4.000 THB/person.
Thailand Destination Weddings remain quite affordable everywhere.

  • Are there a lot of weddings in Phuket? What percentage of them are destination weddings?

Oh a looooot! Especially in the “high season” (November to April) it’s quite easy to find Wedding Venues and Vendors fully booked! The demand is high and growing constantly. The most of Events on the island are DESTINATION WEDDINGS, majority of our Couples come from Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Australia. There are also many other Agencies for the local Thai market, or for Chinese and Russians customers.

  • What’s the best time of year to get married in Phuket?

Definitely the best time – weather wise – is between November and April. That’s what we call the “high season” with sunny days, clear skies and calm waters. Let’s say it is the safest solution to avoid backup plans.
…Even if with the global warming I have to say that the weather is becoming totally crazy and unpredictable! (yes I always have an umbrella with me)
However some Couples still book in the summertime (wet season), especially Asian people, if they are lucky they could still enjoy a beautiful day, and if it rains… they don’t care so much! LOL (read some useful tips for a Rainy Wedding Day here)

  • What tips would you give to brides getting married in Phuket?

Buy a light and easy wearing Wedding Gown! Lol! It might sound as a joke but… this is quite an important thing to consider when you are coming to a Tropical Island for your Destination Wedding. It’s hot and humid and many persons are not used to… so a light dress will definitely help our Brides not to struggle for the entire Wedding Day!
A part from that, obviously, to hire a Professional Wedding Planner to make everything stress-less, smooth and under control. Organizing a Wedding is not easy, when you are not on site even worst. So be in the “good hands” is the 1st best thing to do when you start your Destination Wedding Planning process. :)

  • What do you love about Phuket as a wedding destination? 

To be on a tropical Island.
The landscape, the breathtaking venues, Thai people smiles and attitude to always make you happy. The magic that it comes out in every event… in the night when I am sweat and tired, but I look up at the starry night sky and think: “another dream came true”.

  • What’s challenging about Phuket as a Wedding Destination?

To be on a tropical Island. (now it sounds that I love challenges! Aahah!)
I hate the unpredictable tropical weather, that’s my worst enemy cause it’s the only thing I actually can’t control. You don’t know how many times I thought to move to the desert to relieve from this stress! LOL

But I have learned, year after year, event after event.
I remember, at the beginning I was really scared about the contingencies, now no more. We always have a backup plan in every event and we usually bring our pretty clear umbrellas in case of few drops… Also, water is blessing in Thailand and I have learned to pass this good feeling to my Couples when it happens :)

  • What design tips do you usually give to brides getting married in Phuket?

Oh, same precious and Trendy Design Tips I would give to any other Bride all over the world! As a former Fashion Designer I have been always addicted to style, trends and color palettes. My Weddings are famous to be the most stylish and “always matching in every detail” among Couples and Vendors as well. I am proud of it, and I love it! :)

I do a lot of research every year and I travel back to Europe and Usa to keep me updated and always inspired, so the 1st tip ever is: trust your Wedding Designer!

We have tons of beautiful ideas for every style, we know what can be the best inspiration theme or colour for every different venue and, of course, we do interview every Couple to better understand their vision, their dreams and their love story as well. We have to inspire each other along the journey!


Are you satisfied whit our tips? Wish to know more of Wedding Backstage?

Stay tuned, the full LIVE INTERVIEW VIDEO is coming soon on Youtube!


Special Thanks to JBJ Pictures, California for the interview, and to our

Bride & Groom: Chiara & Stephen from Perth, Australia to allow us to disclose their amazing Wedding behind the scenes.

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