25 July, 2015

Testimonial: Love, Couple Romantic Dinner on the Beach

ROMANTIC CANDLE LIGHT DINNER ON THE BEACH Roberta & Davide Bangtao Beach, Phuket Wedding Boutique, Phuket Wedding Planner, has been Planner & Stylist of this Anniversary Romantic Dinner on the Beach.     Roberta & Davide came to Thailand for holiday and they decided to celebrate their “Everlasting […]
22 July, 2015

Wedding Trends: Phuket Beach PicNic: Celebrate your Love in Thailand!

BEACH PICNIC @ PHUKET A Very Romantic idea to celebrate your Love in Thailand… Our Phuket Wedding Planner will suggest you the most stunning beaches around Phuket Island, and create for you a very unique Inspiration Theme for your Intimate Event: a Beach PicNic! Wedding Boutique […]
18 July, 2015

Testimonial: BBB – Beautiful Bride on the Beach Photoshoot

PRE WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT IN PHUKET What a Beautiful Bride on the Beach today… and how much Love! Wedding Boutique, Phuket Wedding Planner, has been Planner & Stylist of this Phuket Pre Wedding Photoshoot of a Bride on the Beach. (photo © Adalberto Bianco) Event by: Wedding Boutique Phuket. […]
16 July, 2015

Testimonial: Love, Anniversary, Family & Horses Photoshoot!

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY IN PHUKET Lorelei & Arnaud (with: Nana, Jeje & Fon) Wedding Boutique, Phuket Wedding Planner, has been Planner & Stylist of this Wedding Anniversary Horses Photoshoot with a Lovely Family in Phuket!   Lorelei, Arnaud & Nana love nature very much and they decided […]
14 July, 2015

News: Perfect Beach Wedding Ceremony Step-by-Step

The Perfect Beach Wedding Ceremony   A quick and clear explanation of a Beach Wedding Ceremony STEP-by-STEP. The Procession This is the part where everyone walks down the aisle and takes their places for the ceremony. You each make your way to the altar separately, symbolizing […]
12 July, 2015

Work in Progress: Floral Passion Wedding Decorations

FLORAL PASSION WEDDING DECORATIONS Extremely Natural… these unique signature pieces for a Fairytale Dream Wedding Inspiration. Fresh flowers and lush green leaves, pastel shades, ribbons. Our Phuket Wedding Planner creates Unique Wedding Decorations like these for her Clients. created by… Wedding Boutique Phuket. Wedding Boutique, Thailand Destination Wedding & Phuket […]
9 July, 2015

News: ONE LOVE – Gay Wedding in Thailand

ONE LOVE What is in common between these two Brides? That they are attending to the Same Intimate Wedding. “One Love” is the GAY WEDDING project by Wedding Boutique Phuket.   Thailand is an amazing, enchanting, open mind destination to get married for Same-Sex couples […]
6 July, 2015

Wedding Inspiration Theme: ICE CREAM!

ICE CREAM! A Funny Sweet summer Inspiration for your Outdoor Wedding. Our Phuket Wedding Planner created this chic Sweet Wedding Inspiration delicious and simply perfect for Ice Cream lovers! Soft shapes recalling the Whipped Cream, and pale Pastel Colors matching  the ice cream flavors. Set in a Green Garden […]
2 July, 2015

Wedding Inspiration Theme: LUXURY WHITE

LUXURY WHITE A Total White theme for a Luxury Chic Beach Wedding. Our Phuket Wedding Planner created this chic White Inspiration Theme for a Wedding setup in a perfect Lounge atmosphere on the beach. With preponderance of White color for an Exclusive Chic effect. Evanescent […]
26 June, 2015

Wedding Inspiration Theme: SAKURA BLOSSOM

SAKURA BLOSSOM A Fresh & Unconventional Inspiration Theme for a Beach Wedding. Our Phuket Wedding Planner created for your an Asian Fusion inspiration theme based on the ancient Japanese culture mixed up with some modern Feng Shui design details.   “Sakura” is the Japanese name of the famous wild […]