Work in Progress: Tropical Romantic Beachfront Wedding in Phuket
1 October, 2016
Testimonial: Ivy & David – Part 2 – The Wedding Ceremony in Phuket
19 October, 2016

Testimonial: Ivy & David – Part 1 – The Chinese Tea Ceremony in Phuket


by Wedding Boutique Phuket

“The most Romantic & Charming Wedding under a stormy sky”


On the 28th August 2016 Ivy & David celebrated their Destination Wedding in Phuket,

at the Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, stunning Venue.

Their Signature Wedding has been designed and planned by Wedding Boutique Phuket.


Part 1 – The Chinese Tea Ceremony

Talking with the Bride:  << The Wedding Day started with the early morning preparation for the Chinese Tea Ceremony in Phuket: we loved so deeply this moment and it was very emotional! Starting from the “Pick Up” phase, in which I laughed so much, especially when my husband-to-be tried to put on me my “Cinderella Shoe” declaring his love just after having sucked helium from the balloons, his voice was so funny! >>

So, check the gallery out and come with us into a magic dream where love comes true… Have a look!


WeddingBoutique_teaceremonyBLOG_001Waiting for boys.


The bride-to-be with Chinese traditional dress.


Ready for girls “match”. M&D_TeaCeremony_255

M&D_TeaCeremony_248Hard Challenge

I’m here to “Pick – you – up” and never let you go.

You are my Cinderella and I swear to be your Prince Charming for the rest of my life!

Finally got you!




For the Chinese culture, it’s the first very important moment on a Wedding Day: serving tea to families is an act of deep respect and gratitude for all the years of love and care received.

WeddingBoutique_teaceremonyBLOG_009 WeddingBoutique_teaceremonyBLOG_008 WeddingBoutique_teaceremonyBLOG_010

Talking with the Bride:  << The most emotional moment for me has been during the tea ceremony, when I served the tea to my mother-in-law and I spontaneously called her “Mum” then tears of happiness came out. >>

WeddingBoutique_teaceremonyBLOG_013 WeddingBoutique_teaceremonyBLOG_011 WeddingBoutique_teaceremonyBLOG_012 WeddingBoutique_teaceremonyBLOG_015

To Be Continued…

With the Western Wedding Ceremony in the afternoon!

(see PART 2.)


This is just one of our Unique stunning Weddings in Phuket

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(Photo © Kata Wedding Photo Studio)

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  1. Wow what a wedding! Really loved your wedding color choice. It’s always really nice to see the planning of a chinese tea ceremony. From your photos it seemed like it was an exquisite event!

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