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News: Death Pregnant Elephant shocked the World – Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand.

How to find Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand?

First of all, – well done you – for doing your research and being a responsible traveler when it comes to Animal welfare!

The entire World is currently shocked by the news of the Indian pregnant Elephant who died after eating a fruit that humans filled with firecrackers.  { #JusticeForVinayaki }

So, before we start, I have to say that ELEPHANT SANCTUARIES is one of the most delicate and controversial topics that we have ever talked about on our Wedding Blog

Many Couples that are getting married in Phuket ask us to involve a cute Baby Elephant in their Wedding Photo shooting on the Beach, but of course, they always want to know where the animal comes from and whether it is well treated or abused.

This is a controversial issue for us as well, every time we struggle about promoting or not to take pictures with Elephants, as this is anyway a touristic commercial “use” of the animals.

Elephants have long been synonymous with Thailand, yet their treatment in the name of tourism is questionable. Ethical camps are few and far between but it’s here we see how good life can be for these incredible animals, if treated responsibly.

Although the ideal place for elephants to live is in the wild, this is not always possible. Many Elephants have been rescued from temples, zoos or circus-style attractions; they may have been orphaned or injured, and it is rarely safe or feasible for them to be returned to the wild. In this case, they may be cared for in elephant sanctuaries or rescue and rehabilitation centres, and these associations supplement their income (elephants are unsurprisingly costly to house, feed and care for) by opening their gates to tourists and volunteers.

It’s true what they say “an elephant really never forgets.”

No one who looks into an Elephant’s eyes remains unchanged. Like deep pools of molten rock, they seem to speak of infinite memories of an ancient time. Unluckily many of them have eyes that speak of infinite miseries and human abuse memories.

We are not going to promote any specific Elephant Sanctuary on this article, neither want to encourage our Couples to include a Baby Elephant Photo shooting during their Destination Wedding in Thailand. But we want to sensitize everybody to do a detailed own research on this matter as you will for sure understand the difference between  Elephant Riding Parks and Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries in Phuket.

Then you will make your conscious choice of taking or not photos with an Elephant during your Wedding or visiting an Elephant Sanctuary during your holiday in Thailand.


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