31 October, 2015

Testimonial: Fall Twilight Beach Wedding

PHUKET TWILIGHT BEACH WEDDING Getting married in Fall? How about using all these Pumpkins as Unique Stylish Decoration for your Exclusive and Original Wedding?  look at this real HalloWe(en)dding!   Claire & Brock    27.10.2015   Phuket, Bangtao Beach Our Phuket Wedding Planner , the Unique ITALIAN WEDDING PLANNER in Thailand, creates […]
1 October, 2015

Destination Wedding: Getting Married in Phuket, but WHEN?

GETTING MARRIED IN PHUKET, But When? So, what’s the best season to get married in PHUKET?   Well, this is normally the 1st question that the 90% of our Couples ask when they contact us to plan their Wedding in Phuket. That’s a little tricky… because different people have different […]
19 September, 2015

Testimonial: Affordable Phuket Beach Wedding

PHUKET BEACH WEDDING “MiYoung & Eddy” Affordable Beach Wedding, Ceremony & Reception Dinner. Unique & beautiful INSPIRATION  in peach & grey colors. Simply pretty. by Wedding Boutique Phuket Getting married in Phuket? Our Phuket Wedding Planner creates Unique Inspiration themes like this one for her Clients. Look at this lovely […]
17 September, 2015

Testimonial: Luxury Boat: Wedding Nautical Decorations

WEDDING ON BOARD @ HYPE LUXURY BOAT “Wedding Nautical Decorations” by Wedding Boutique Phuket Contact Us to get your Unique Signature Wedding Inspiration Theme for your Memorable Event by Wedding Boutique, Phuket Wedding Planner.   (photo © Pavlo Kosenko & K.Tuk) Event by: Wedding Boutique Phuket. […]
11 September, 2015

Testimonial: Thai Ceremony: Buddhist Wedding

THAI CEREMONY WEDDING IN PHUKET Alice & Matteo, Buddhist Ritual   Wedding Boutique, Phuket Wedding Planner, design and setup of Unique Wedding with the Traditional Thai Ceremony. This is one of our weddings in Phuket… Contact Us to get your Unique Signature Wedding Inspiration Theme […]
30 August, 2015

Wedding Trends: WEDDING MUST HAVE: Welcome Bag for your Guests!

WEDDING MUST HAVE: Welcome Bag for your Guests! by Wedding Boutique Phuket We have many purposes of Gifts Bags with several different options of amenities inside. Bags can be in different materials: paper, fabric, straw. Bags and inner favors can be “branded” with the couple […]
25 July, 2015

Testimonial: Love, Couple Romantic Dinner on the Beach

ROMANTIC CANDLE LIGHT DINNER ON THE BEACH Roberta & Davide Bangtao Beach, Phuket Wedding Boutique, Phuket Wedding Planner, has been Planner & Stylist of this Anniversary Romantic Dinner on the Beach.     Roberta & Davide came to Thailand for holiday and they decided to celebrate their “Everlasting […]
22 July, 2015

Wedding Trends: Phuket Beach PicNic: Celebrate your Love in Thailand!

BEACH PICNIC @ PHUKET A Very Romantic idea to celebrate your Love in Thailand… Our Phuket Wedding Planner will suggest you the most stunning beaches around Phuket Island, and create for you a very unique Inspiration Theme for your Intimate Event: a Beach PicNic! Wedding Boutique […]
18 June, 2015

Destination Wedding: Traditional THAI SILK Wedding Dress

MARRY ME IN THAILAND? Thai Weddings are full of symbolism and Buddhist Tradition, and in recent years a number of western customs have even found their way into the Thai version of this happy occasion. In Phuket is possible to rent your TRADITIONAL THAI SILK Dress, as well […]
13 May, 2015

News: Why Choose a Destination Wedding?

Chose Wedding Boutique Phuket, professional Thailand Destination Wedding Planner. Why Choose a “Destination Wedding”? Destination weddings are amazing because they are unique and much more rare than traditional weddings. Destination weddings are becoming the new trend among couples today. This ‘intimate’ kind of wedding appeals to […]

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