Wedding Trends: Goodbye Pantone Colors 2016 Quartz & Serenity!





It’s never enough to talk about trends and beauty of COLORS! And today we want You to enter into the magic world of Pantone®.

Yesterday, 8th December 2016 has been officially declared the new Pantone Colour of year 2017, but before it’s too late… we wish to spend few words to say goodbye to year 2016 Colors!


This year 2016, for the first time since 2000, the Company of the worldwide standard for color communication introduces two shades instead of a single color: Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue.


Rose Quartz is a gentle tone of pink that convey a sense of composure. Serenity is airy and bring feelings of relaxation. As the Company says: “The colours are inducing feeling of stability, constancy and comfort. They create balance in a chaotic world”.


Wedding Boutique , the only ITALIAN WEDDING PLANNER in Thailand,  has been absolutely addicted to this “Blessed Couple” of Colors, a perfect match for the Wedding industry.
Have a look at our PINTEREST –> Pantone 2016 Board!


Rose Quartz and Serenity, at a first sight remind us to the childhood “girls” & “boys” colors, might seem quite classic as single, but when used together… they immediately give an extremely elegant effect to the Wedding, perfectly matching with our stunning Sunset shades in Phuket.
– Said Ilaire, our Phuket Wedding Planner.



A good combination for flowers, fancy floral prints, evanescent materials and ribbons.


A perfect invitation graphic, for those who want Phuket sky colors to announce their Wedding.


Table Setup, Elegant, bucolic and romantic. Perfect for a Wedding at the beach or overlooking the pool.


Your favorite Dessert for the Wedding event? It will look even more delicious with these shades!


If you choose to have a colored dress for your Event, you will be flawless as on the red carpet with these dream sparkling Signature Dresses.


There will be no discussion or unrest ’cause your Bridesmaid gonna adore their divine looks.


And even Groom & Boys will be not disappointed of a touch of cuteness! ;)

Now… wanna know the NEW PANTONE 2017?  You can wait for our next post or… check it out now!     CLICK HERE!



created by… Wedding Boutique Phuket.

Wedding Boutique, Thailand Destination Wedding & Phuket Beach Wedding.

(web images)

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