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10 May, 2015
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13 May, 2015

Trend Research: LOTUS FLOWER in Wedding Decorations

Well-known subject of several paintings.

Over-used object of many ladies’ tattoo.

But still not so much used for Wedding Decoration.

Lotus Flower.

Pureness, Natural Beauty and Spiritual Harmony Symbol.


Lotus is an aquatic perennial plant, originally from Tropical South East,

rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment.

Since it is also a symbol of Rebirth, this flower is very popular  in Thailand

and other parts of Asia, and it is mainly used in religious rituals and celebrations.

Look how it can be used for a unique, exclusive and exotic Wedding.


Closed, fully bloomed or mixed with other flowers,

for original Bride Bouquets with different shapes and volumes.

White, with its unique purity and linear elegance.

 Fresh, in the White and Green tones, for a very natural effect.

With Romantic Pink and Lilac shades, as in the Thai tradition.


 Colored, young and vigorous, in the vivid colors of Chakra.

Trend Research by Ilaire Wedding Planner, Wedding Boutique Phuket

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