Destination Wedding: MARRY ME IN THAILAND? Traditional Thai Buddhist Wedding



Thai Weddings are full of symbolism and Buddhist Tradition, and in recent years a number of western customs have even found their way into the Thai version of this happy occasion.

Considered to be one of the most open and warm religions, the Buddhist Monks are happy to perform this traditional ceremony for any wedding couples choosing to be blessed by the Buddhist way.

Traditionally Thai Buddhist Weddings in Thailand take place in the Early Morning and combine a variety of colorful traditions and religious beliefs and blessings.

The Bride and Groom usually arrive separately to the venue, the bride accompanied by family members dressed in traditional silk outfits and singing to draw attention to the Happy Union.

3-5 (or more)  orange-robed Monks surrounded by incense and candles, are invited to perform the ceremony for the Bride and Groom.

The hypnotic drumbeats of “Hae Khaan Maak” marks the beginning of the ceremony as a Thai folk parade commences,
adorned with Thai Dancers.

Prayers are chanted in mesmerizing tones, as the blessings for love and a long blissful wedded life is given upon the wedding couple, kneel facing the chanting Monks with their hands in the “Wai” position.

In front of the Monks are bowls containing holy water, which they use to pour over the hands of the Bride and Groom. The Monks also hold a thread that is tied to the heads of the couple to link them directly to the sacred monks who chant ancient Sanskrit hymns.

Many couples wish to continue their ceremony with a traditional “Water Blessing” ritual which we can perform in the Temple or on a nearby Beach.

After the ceremony, the wedding guests also pour holy water on the hands of the married couple and the Monks are given food, which they eat in silence in front of the Guests.

Nine envelopes with donations are given to the monks to take back to the temple where the money are used for the upkeep and daily running of the temple grounds.

And Then… Reception, Thai Food, Music and Party Together!

Come to AMAZING THAILAND to enjoy your unforgettable wedding with Wedding Boutique Phuket.

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