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1 October, 2015
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9 October, 2015

Destination Wedding: Getting Married in Phuket, but WHEN?


So, what’s the best season to get married in PHUKET?


Well, this is normally the 1st question that the 90% of our Couples ask when they contact us to plan their Wedding in Phuket. That’s a little tricky… because different people have different needs but there are some things everyone should consider.

Phuket Island has two basic seasons, a dry and a rainy season. The dry season is about from November to April, called High Season (with peak on Dec/Jan), the sky is always blue and the temperature is very pleasant. This is a great time for getting married in Phuket  especially for outdoor wedding… but you should know that prices for flights, accommodation and food & beverages are normally higher than in the other period.

Anyway… rainy season in Phuket is also not really bad! It’s basically a time of short showers (except for some unlucky cases of storms) and it’s possible to have a very nice wedding during rainy season, too. Temperatures are moderately hot, and usually get much better prices for accommodation during these months.

Furthermore, if you like the impressive romantic Cloudy Skies over the Ocean for your unique Wedding… look at this Vintage Nostalgic Escapeisn’t it a PERFECT WEDDING IN PHUKET?


(source: StylemePretty)

So, you can really come to PHUKET-THAILAND along any time of the year for

getting married in Phuket and enjoy your unforgettable wedding day with Wedding Boutique Phuket.

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