18 April, 2016

News: Our Sweet Valentine’s Wedding featured on Asia Wedding Network.

WEDDING BOUTIQUE PROUDLY FEATURED   Our Cutest Beach Wedding on 2016 Valentine’s Day has been performed on one of the most famous Wedding Directory in Asia! It is always a great honor when one of our PHUKET REAL WEDDINGS is published  by a famous blog or directory in […]
2 April, 2016

News: Our Bo-ho Wedding featured on Wedding Lovely Blog.

WEDDING BOUTIQUE PROUDLY FEATURED   Our unique Bo-ho Beach Wedding performed on the famous Wedding Lovely Blog! Time goes fast… it was beginning of December 2015 when we setup this Event for Kristi & Kristjan, many more Weddings came in the past months and we hope […]
17 March, 2016

News: Your Cute Pet can’t miss Your Wedding Day!

THE CUTEST WEDDING GUEST Whatever is your favorite pet… how could your best friend miss your Wedding Day?   One of the sweetest things about weddings today is having your “best friend” take part in the ceremony. Who doesn’t ooh and aah when they spot a furry […]
16 October, 2015

Wedding Trends: Two-Piece Bridal Gown Outfit

UNCONVENTIONAL BEACH WEDDING? Chose a Two-Piece Bridal Gown… that’s the last Wedding Trend! If you’re an unconventional bride planning to have a Unique Beach Wedding in Phuket… ask to Wedding Boutique about the last trends! Our Phuket Wedding Planner , the Unique ITALIAN WEDDING PLANNER in Thailand, […]
13 October, 2015

News: Best Wedding Blogs & Wedding Boutique Phuket

BEST WEDDING BLOGS and DIRECTORIES? Featuring Wedding Boutique Phuket!   Well… this is going to be a very “dangerous” post that could bring some controversies but we are anyway going to give you the BEST WEDDING BLOG SELECTION by  Wedding Boutique  Phuket.     1.  the uncontested STYLE […]
9 October, 2015

News: …Ready for a HalloWe(en)dding?

GETTING MARRIED IN FALL? So, be ready for a HalloWe(en)dding!     Either you are planning your Wedding in Fall in the north of the Atlantic, or in the South of Mediterranean Sea, Fall brings PUMPKINS, a lot! Even for your… Wedding in Phuket. So… how about using all these […]
1 October, 2015

Destination Wedding: Getting Married in Phuket, but WHEN?

GETTING MARRIED IN PHUKET, But When? So, what’s the best season to get married in PHUKET?   Well, this is normally the 1st question that the 90% of our Couples ask when they contact us to plan their Wedding in Phuket. That’s a little tricky… because different people have different […]
24 September, 2015

News: WEDDING TRADITIONS: Once upon a Bridal Veil

WEDDING TRADITIONS: Once upon a Bridal Veil This is a short story of the Traditional Bridal Veil use. Wedding day attire has changed in many ways, but one component that has withstood the test of time is the wearing of a wedding veil. From a religious […]
9 September, 2015

News: WEDDING TRADITIONS: Why we wear a Wedding Ring?

WEDDING TRADITIONS: Why we wear a Wedding Ring on the 4th left hand finger? Why a Ring? The circle was the symbol of eternity, with no beginning or end, since the beginning of the humanity from most of the very ancient cultures. The hole in […]
30 August, 2015

Wedding Trends: WEDDING MUST HAVE: Welcome Bag for your Guests!

WEDDING MUST HAVE: Welcome Bag for your Guests! by Wedding Boutique Phuket We have many purposes of Gifts Bags with several different options of amenities inside. Bags can be in different materials: paper, fabric, straw. Bags and inner favors can be “branded” with the couple […]

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